On September 3, 2021, Squire Hill Properties completed its acquisition of Village Grand, a 20,350SF shopping center located in Atlanta, Georgia. The property has 14 tenants and is anchored by Starbucks. The purchase price of the property was over $5 million.

President, Austin Beck, announced the acquisition as part of the company’s strategic plan to expand into new, strong performing markets in the Southeastern U.S. “If you look at where people are moving and where jobs are moving, it’s easy to see why real estate has become so valuable in these markets. There simply has not been enough deals in our own market that meet our criteria, so it forced us to look elsewhere.”

Company Founder, Robert Beck, stated that the acquisition was Austin’s idea, but he has fully supported the idea of expanding into new markets. “Austin has been a tremendous asset to our company and to our growth. He has thought of some excellent ideas that we are just now beginning to implement. We have a unique business relationship where the best idea wins. Lately, his ideas have been doing a lot of winning.”

Squire Hill Properties invests in both the retail and multifamily sectors of commercial real estate. The company said its portfolio of properties has performed exceptionally well during the pandemic and its actively looking to increase its holdings in specific markets. Austin said, “purchasing right now is a challenge because prices have increased so much, but there are always deals in the right markets you just have to know what to look for. We have a very specific checklist that a property and a market must meet, and if it doesn’t check all the boxes, we don’t buy it. Simple as that.”

The company is currently accepting investors for future deals. If you are interested in investing in commercial real estate, please contact their offices at (859)-371-3700 to learn more.